June 26, 2016

Summer Skincare Top Picks

Oh, skincare.  Just when I thought my only vices were clothes and makeup, skincare had to come in and claim its dominance of my wallet.  I’ve tried the pricey and the not-so-pricey; ultimately it has just been a lot of trial and error.  Some of my very favorite products are under $9 at the drugstore, others a ton steeper in price.  I have combination skin (super oily in Summer, super dry in Winter), so I do have different routines for different times of year.  In the Winter I have more of an in-depth routine, while in the Summer I have 2-4 steps and then I am out the door.  These are some of my top recommendations for your own “Summer Skincare” routine.

Summer Skincare

I have tried a number of Ole Henrikson and Peter Thomas Roth products by now ( PTR cucumber cooling mask is BOMB), and I have to say that for the price, these are worth it.  Each product comes in at around $50 an ounce, which certainly seems like a lot, but if you use the products appropriately (one for the morning, one for at night) and sparingly, these little bottles will take you through at least a few months.  I re-upped my stash in March and am only just now getting through the end of these.

First things first – cleansing.  I use the Ole Henrikson African Red Foaming Cleanser before I start to apply products.  Usually I opt for a cream based cleanser, but this foaming one has been doing the trick for the last 8 months or so (I finally bought the 7oz bottle so that I don’t run out quickly).  It smoothes irritated skin and acts as an astringent, but is also loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients.  It smells great, and my skin never ever feels super tight after washing, which creates the perfect canvas for products.

The Vitamin C truth serum (orange) is made from green tea extract, which is super helpful for sun-damaged skin like mine.  It is a 5 source vitamin C serum that boosts collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, while also brightening.  The consistency is pretty awesome, and it has a citrusy smell that is refreshing in the morning without being overwhelming.  I don’t even wear perfume as I am SO sensitive to fragrances, so smell is important to me when it comes to face products.  You apply this once in the morning to face and neck, let dry for a minute and then follow up with moisturizer.

Invigorating Night Treatment (green) contains a 12 source AHA complex (good for breakout-prone skin!) and purified algae and Vitamin E, which feels great to apply, especially if its coming off of a full makeup day.  Wait a minute for it to dry and then follow up with moisturizer.


Sheer Transformation Moisturizer (blue) follows the Vit C serum or Night Treatment, and is accurately described by their website;

“So sheer in texture, this luxurious oil-free cream feels light and silky as it penetrates the skin and helps fade discolorations such as freckles, age spots and sun damage without the use of chemicals. Instantly nourishes and retexturizes the skin, smoothes facial lines and provides intense free radical protection to prevent further damage.”

This stuff feels AMAZING – my only complaint is that I don’t get much use of it now that I wear a moisturizer with sunscreen during the day now.  It is thin in consistency and so lightweight I forget that I even put it on in the first place.


I have now tried SO many eye creams.  Most leave my disappointed, because I am coming to find out that the only thing that makes the skin under my eyes look good is lots of water, and lots of sleep.  Most products are not magic and will not deliver the removal of crows feet overnight, or even over time (I know, ugh).  With that being said, if I do find that my under eyes are very dry and tight, I love to use the Fresh Rose hydrating eye gel cream . It does just what it says –  hydrates.  I love the gel texture and the cucumber and rose extract in the product.



And last, but not least, the PTR Oilless Squalane Oil.  I always wanted to be one of those people that could put oil on their skin and glow for days, but acne-prone skin and oil don’t really work.  Insert this OILLESS oil, and my problems were solved.  One of my good friends Lindsay and I have pretty much identical skin types, so when she recommended this to me in January, I was excited but hesitant.  I went to Sephora and got some samples, fell in love, and then went for the real thing.  I’m finding that even in the Summer, I LOVE IT.  It doesn’t feel heavy and just a few drops of it gives me that healthy glow on days when I don’t want to wear makeup.

olehen6 olehenrikson

Oilless Oil

Whew, info overload or what?  While this may seem like a lot of products, its a quick under 5 minute process that I think is perfect for the Summer.  Hope this was helpful if you’re in the market for some new skincare items!

Have a great Monday




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