NYC fitness instructor
February 19, 2017

On the Go

I’ve said this probably more times than I can remember, but one of my favorite things about barre classes is that they are the perfect workout for the girl who is on the go. Sure, you’ll get a little sheen going, or if you’re like me (I am a sweaty person in general) a little sweat throughout class, but I’ve never heard of anybody requiring a shower after hitting the barre. Spray deodorant, dry shampoo, hairspray..whatever you need for a little touch-up, we’ve got it.  Usually I am going straight from teaching at Pure Barre out to lunch with a friend, a visit to the farmer’s market, an afternoon of shopping, etc.  It is important for me to wear outfits that are comfortable for teaching, but also suitable for whatever comes up.  Most times, there’s not enough time to stop home before meeting up with friends, and I hate packing a bag for the day more than anybody.  This Beyond Yoga long sleeved top is just perfect – so soft, light, and casual.  I love wearing it with these splatter print leggings (also Beyond Yoga), Nike sneakers and super cozy ILYMIX blanket scarf.  The scarf makes me feel a little more put together, even though I’m coming from a sweat session! NYC fitness instructor

on the go

coffee run


beyond yoga

pure barre

Hope you all have a great Monday!




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