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April 14, 2017

Living Room Shelf Decor

Hello SPRING!  We all know what the first sign of Spring is about – cleaning.  Not my favorite thing under normal circumstances, but something about the cleaner air and shining sun is really motivating for me to get organized.  One of the projects I’m most excited about finally completing in our apartment is this living room shelf decor.  What’s funny is a month or two ago Tommy and I took a trip to Ikea to get some more “storage” since our closet space is our NYC apartment is limited.  What ended up happening was the purchasing of this unit that happens to fit perfectly next to the TV and is a great place to house so many of the little decorative objects (or as he calls them, trinkets)  that were strewn about our apartment.  I love having a space that is purely decorative, even if it is just a small corner of the living room.  I see these people with big houses and plenty of areas to just have “pretty stuff”, and let me tell you in a tiny apartment this is not a luxury you will find often!

living room shelf decor

The horse bookend I grabbed was a Home Goods find – the upside is that it was half off the original price, the downside was that there was only one! I had to grab it though, because although we are not horse people, we always said that our yellow lab Zeus looked like a horse.  One of those objects that “called to me”, if you will! He was my dog from 3rd grade to age 23, and now every time I look at this shelf I think of him and smile! I lined it up with some books and a candle to still give off that bookshelf feel.

ikea shelf

I’m really loving feather prints lately, and you just can’t go wrong with this Capri Blue copper candle (gift from my Pure Barre family, all the feels)

kate moss book

society 6 clock

I made sure to include some greenery and healing quartz to really try and get in the right state of mind for Spring.  My Kate Moss book finally has a permanent home too, as she’s been thrown around everywhere in the living room.  My dad got me that book for Christmas a few years ago and I LOVE IT.

feather print

Another thing I’m really loving right now is antlers (so weird?!), so the two bottom decorative objects were more things that I grabbed at Home Goods!

Do you guys have any shelf decor at home that you just love? I’m so happy with how this turned out! Let’s hope I don’t change my mind in two weeks like I do with everything else HA!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!




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