Vanderbilt museum
August 15, 2017

Vanderbilt Museum

I don’t think its any secret that during the Summer months New Yorkers want to be anywhere but in NYC on the weekends.  I actually haven’t spent one full weekend in the city! Just the way I like it, haha.  Obviously I am lucky in the sense that my family or Tommy’s family live only an hour out, so even if we don’t necessarily have “plans”, we can still make a getaway happen.  Unfortunately, the weekend weather has been WACK this Summer, so while we were planning on getting one last visit to Fire Island this past weekend, the iffy, “is it going to rain or not?” weather that we had on Saturday prevented us from hopping on a ferry.  We’ve been there for a rainy weekend before and trust me, it is not that much fun.  Crappy, overcast skies on a Summer Saturday – what to do? I’d been eyeing the Vanderbilt Museum for a while, and seeing as it was just a 20 min drive from Tommy’s parents it just made sense to go!

The Vanderbilt Museum is in Centerport, Long Island and even the drive to the grounds is absolutely beautiful.  The museum itself is a 24 room Spanish revival mansion and you actually feel like you stepped back in time.  It is stunning.  While touring, you can visit a handful of the rooms that have been turned into exhibits, such as a marine museum, a planetarium, collection of ethnographics (firearms, swords, etc).  Some of the rooms, such as the library, are held in tact to showcase the art and Vanderbilt’s furnishings.  The whole place is meant to be a walk through Vanderbilt’s life and a reflection of the Gold Coast era.  It is too cool.  Yes, the exhibits are cool, but let’s be real – you come here for the grounds.  Even on this crappy day, there’s no denying this place will take your breath away.  Even Tommy was outwardly impressed, as he hadn’t been there since he was a kid! 😉


Vanderbilt museum

center port long island

vanderbilt museum

vanderbilt mansion

vanderbilt museum

Have you guys ever been to the Vanderbilt Museum?


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