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June 12, 2017

Two Piece Set

Hey, hey! Another vineyard post comin’ at ya.  You guys know that I have my favorite North Fork vineyards for certain times of year (see here and here and here) and while I was hoping to visit some more Summery vineyards this past Memorial Day weekend, the iffy weather just did not call for it.  We ended up stopping by Bedell for a tasting, followed by a few hours at Sparkling Pointe (champagne only!) and capped the tour off at Pellegrini.  It was Memorial Day Weekend therefore a very busy day on the Fork, but we ended up grabbing tables at every spot so we lucked out! From the vineyards we stopped at the Greenhouse for my mom to stock up on plants and then made our way to Port Jeff for our first clam bake’s of the season! So ready for Summer, guys.  Anyway, the two piece set I’m wearing in this post is to die for because it is only $15!!! You all may have noticed but I’ve taken to buying some items on those cheap overseas websites.  I don’t see the reason to splurge on trendy items, BUT with the price there is usually a catch.  That catch can involve opening your mailbox to see that the clothing you ordered is falling apart, nothing like what you ordered, etc.  When I had such success with this two piece set I knew that I had to feature it on here, since I can show you that this actually does come looking as cute as they said it would.  Keep scrolling for pics!

My mom and Mark in front of Bedell!

sparkling pointe

sparkling pointe vineyard

Outdoors at Sparkling Pointe

pelligrini vineyard

Pellegrini Vineyards

pellegrini vineyards


two piece set


sparkling pointe vineyards

two piece set

$15 ladies!





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