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November 2, 2016

The Best North Fork Vineyards to Visit in the Fall

Happy November! Hope everybody had a great Halloween.  Mine was super low key this year – watched Nightmare on Elm Street, carved a pumpkin, made a nice dinner..adulting much?  Anyway, it’s still Fall for quite some time! I’ve been trying my hardest to spend as much time outside wandering and adventuring before Winter hits and we’re confined to our homes for a few months (misery).  As you guys know, visiting the vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island is one of my faaaaavorite things to do.  All of the charm, scenery and most importantly fantastic wine is what draws us out there so much. As you’ve seen in my other North Fork vineyards posts (HERE and HERE), I try to highlight different spots for different times of year.  These particular vineyards are just perfect for the cooler weather, as there are either heated patios or a cozy indoor atmosphere.

Sherwood House: My personal favorite vineyard for Fall.  A little bit on the smaller side, but so much to offer.  Picnic tables outside if you want to enjoy the pretty views, a back patio with benches to enjoy a bottle of wine and your own private area, or an indoor lounge area with a fireplace and adorable decor.  They also have a seperate barn area that you can walk through to enjoy whatever vendors they are featuring.  This time it was all local artists!

Bedell Cellars:  Vines on vines on vines.  If you’re looking to enjoy a lunch outside and just take in the beautiful views, this is your place.  There are also pretty walkways and character everywhere you look, BUT the views are enough of a reason to come here.

Don’t forget to visit a local farm stand on your way out or in between the vineyards! We left with umm, almost 10 different desserts.  Can’t resist some homemade pies and cheesecake.

sherwood house

{Sherwood House}

north fork vineyards


{Tommy’s sister Kelly and her husband!}

bedell cellars

{Bedell Cellars}


{Hallock’s Cider Mill}

hallock's cider mill

{Hallock’s Cider Mill}

sherwood house north fork

{Sherwood House}

sherwood house vineyard

{Sherwood House}

sherwood house vineyard

{Sherwood House}


Do you guys have any trips to the North Fork vineyards coming up?! Get it in while you can!

Have a great day.




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