Sunday casual
April 5, 2017

Weekend Casual

Hey there! Happy Wednesday!

I am couuuunting down the minutes until we fly out on Friday for Key West.  It’s my good friend from high school’s wedding and I just cannot wait for a vacation and weekend away with all of my friends and boyfriend.  I’m not even one for fruity drinks, but right about now I could go for some kind of cocktail straight out of either a pineapple or an exceptionally giant and obnoxious glass.  I was saying to Tommy that if I was a celebrity this is when I would check into rehab for “exhaustion” haha.  I just feel so run down lately!  We are usually pretty good about taking vacations frequently, but the past few months have just been so chaotic we haven’t really had a chance to get away.  I am ready to CHECK OUT, my friends.

Anyway, on to the post.  What’s funny is these pictures were taken in maaaaybe 35 seconds.  I wasn’t planning on shooting this outfit, but on our way back home from Sunday brunch we stopped at my favorite neighborhood farmer’s market, which was jam packed, but when I found a neglected little corner and all of the bright colors I said “HURRY, LET’S TAKE PICS!”.  A sweater and jeans pairing usually seems so unnecessary to me as a blog post, but let’s be real – I wear something like this more times than not!  I especially love a lightweight sweater/distressed denim/booties combo for a weekend casual look.  Something about Sunday’s makes me want to put myself together yet not exude too much effort, if that makes any sense!  These wooden heeled booties are super comfortable for a number of hours, making this my favorite kind of outfit to wander around NYC in.

Sunday casual

weekend casual

farmers market

astoria market

Do you guys have a go-to weekend casual look?

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