Robert Treat Farm
August 15, 2016

Summer Farmer’s Market

Visiting a local Farmer’s Market is seriously one of my favorite things to do, no matter what time of year.  I will say that my favorite market to visit in the Fall is Union Square’s Greenmarket – the cider donuts and the fresh breads are the best around; But in the Summer, nothing is better than Robert Treat Farms in Milford, CT.  The greenhouse and array of fresh fruits and vegetables is amazing, and only a 3 minute drive from my mom’s house!  Its also just so darn cute and the staff is super helpful.  Just a little forewarning, this is kind of like food porn to me so things may get weird.


When I was just visiting for the night, my mom had to pick up her crop share before heading to the beach and I jumped at the opportunity to go with.  How can this place not put a smile on your face?

yukon gold potatoes

POTATOES.  We picked up a small box of the multicolor, obviously.  Yukon gold potatoes are my jam.


Man, as someone who loves grays and neutrals in pretty much every aspect, I love me some color in my food.  When everything is as fresh and in season as could be, it just warms my foodie soul.


Adorable melon display.


OK I want to jump through and dive head first into this watermelon.


These peaches! Holy smokes.  I love how the staff is sure that every section of the market is properly displayed and organized.  Some markets I have been to just have everything strewn about, and unfortunately it derails from the experience a little bit.

farmers market

My favorite part about this particular visit was the tomatoes.  Are my mom and I the only weirdos on the planet that are SO SATISFIED by perfect tomatoes?  My mom was like “OMG AV LOOK AT THESE TOMATOES”, and I was all “Wow…I totally get it.”  A highly intelligent exchange.

robert treat farms

I don’t even have OCD but just looking at these tomatoes is cathartic to me hahah.

OK, moving on from the tomatoes before I lose readers.


Love this sweet corn station!



I’m definitely going to make an effort to check this place out again in the Fall – I feel like every time I come its in the Summer! Maybe their cider donuts will give UnSq a run for their money.


Do you guys have a favorite farmer’s market you go to frequently?

Have a great day!




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