March 27, 2017

Spring Sandals Under $50

spring sandals under $50

T-10 DAYS UNTIL I AM IN THE SUN.  Just 10 days.  Next weekend we will be in Key West for my friend Stacy’s wedding, and I just cannot wait.  Along with the sun I need sand, drinks outside, and oh yeah, the excuse to wear some new and cute sandals.  One thing I love about Spring sandals is that it is so easy to find affordable options.  I never ever used to be a person that would shop online, but in the past year or so I would say 90% of what I buy is through online retailers.  This is a good and a bad thing, as you can imagine.  On the good side, I no longer have to lug around shopping bags in pricey cabs or crowded subways.  On the bad side, IT IS JUST TOO EASY.  From the comfort of my own couch, with a glass of wine in hand I often find myself punching in my CC number and voila, a couple hundred dollars down the drain (eeeek haha).  However, another upside that makes me justify this action is the amount of sales you can score.  I can see a pair of shoes in person, like them, get home and find the exact pair at a discounted price online! Worth the wait if you ask me.  With that being said, I’ve scoured the Internet for the cutest Spring Sandals under $50!  I picked different styles so that there is hopefully something here for everybody! Happy Shopping.




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