holiday cocktail
December 16, 2016

Spiked Nog

I know that egg nog is not for everybody, but in my house growing up we always had egg nog around the holidays.  Festive, delicious and just the perfect drink to sip on while decorating the tree and dancing around to Christmas jams.  I have vivid memories of sitting by the fireplace drinking egg nog and making our cranberry and popcorn strings to put around the house haha.  Well, one thing hasn’t changed – I still love egg nog.  What I don’t love, however, is all of the calories that it packs.  Not only that, I am sensitive to lactose so in recent years I have switched my milk intake to almond whenever possible.  A few years ago, my mom started having different types of egg nog at the house for Christmas, and after trying so many brands (Silk, Califa Farms etc), this So Delicious Holiday Nog is by faaaar my favorite.  Dairy-free without sacrificing taste!  Trust me when I say, IT IS AWESOME.

While it tastes amazing on its own, I see no reason not to make it even better by spiking it for a fun night at home with friends.  You can use any spiced rum or vanilla flavored vodka for the perfect little kick to your cocktail.  I just throw a dash of cinnamon into it and top with a little hazelnut stick!  Gotta serve the Lindt truffles with it, too! Although as you can see I’ve been digging into them quite a bit.  P.S., our bar cart is finally restocked and it is on suuuuper sale!  These crystal glasses are also on sale as a set with a decanter.

so delicious nog

spiked nog

crystal glasses

bingham serving cart

holiday cocktail

Happy Friday! Have some spiked nog tonight, you deserve it 😉




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