March 15, 2017

Snow Day

Happy Wednesday! Coming off of a nice and long unexpected snow day, as I’m sure you are too! I can’t believe how much snow and ice we got – NYC even closed down the above ground subways by 4am (aka our line) so we were basically told to STAY PUT.  I’ve been fighting off a cold for the last day or so, so while I hate to take off work (if I don’t work I don’t get paid), ultimately I was glad to use this blizzard as an excuse to stay in, relax and rest up.  I wish I was feeling a bit better as I would have loved to organize my closet since it is big on my to-do list, but what I got instead was much better – a lazy day complete with movies, tea, Jenga and lots-o-food.  We started our morning with a proper Sunday kind of breakfast; pot of coffee, eggs, bacon, toast..the works! I so wish we could do that every day.

Tommy got me these honey spoons for Valentine’s Day and I had yet to try them…I’m mainly a coffee in the a.m, wine in the p.m kind of girl, but since my throat has been dry and killing me for a few days I was able to try these babies out.  So cute and delicious! What is tea without honey, really though?

In between movies we snuck a little game of Jenga in, as well as some food.  Too much food, in fact.  Samoa cookies, popcorn, pizza, whatever other foods bored people eat, haha.  P.S., how perfect is this hooded onesie that I’m rockin’ for a snow day? It was my Secret Santa gift at our Pure Barre holiday party and I couldn’t have been more comfortable! I also rarely ever take this travel shawl off when I’m in the apartment.  It feels like a blanket and has pockets, making it just the most perfect cozy item ever.

snow day

I have to say, watching the snow come down is quite beautiful from our apartment! I just love it here any time of year! It was tough getting sleep when the freezing rain was smacking against the windows every few seconds, but other than that I’m loving it!

Hope you had a safe and warm snow day, and thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @ava_lately for the latest updates 🙂




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