asos booties
October 10, 2017

Shorts in October

Oh hello, 80 + degrees in mid October.  What is happening?! I think my wish for a longer Summer has officially been taken too far, haha.  I’m dying for a crisp breeze and an opportunity to bust out my suede jackets! While the jackets stay stashed for now, we’ve had a few days where I can wear cut-off shorts with suede booties.  I’ve never worn this combo before in my life prior to now, and I admittedly am digging it! Is this how people in California feel? Added touches of Fall to outfits when it feels like Summer outside?  Shorts in October is so foreign to me!  I even got a spray tan the other day because it dawned on me that my Summer tan is looooong gone.  Tommy snapped these pics for me when we were on our way to get a bite to eat, and even bringing this sweater out was ambitious of me, haha.  SO WARM OUT!

denim shorts

asos booties

leopard print

boohoo sweater

astoria queens

shorts in October

With that being said, today is admittedly so gorgeous out.  Guess I’ll just keep waving to my scarves in the closet.  How do you guys feel about shorts in October? Embracing it or super ready for Fall weather..?




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