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May 8, 2018

Paris Travel Guide Pt. 2

Hey, hey! Paris Guide, Pt. 2 comin’ at ya.  Crazy to think that this trip was just a few weeks ago, it feels like it has been forever! In the last Paris Travel Guide, I promised to mention must-have places to shop, eat and drink.  Throughout my trip we visited places that I had on my list, as well as places that Zoe knew of or recommended for us to do. As far as shopping goes, Champs Elysees is an obvious choice! Known as “the world’s most beautiful avenue”, it is truly magnificent and peppered with every store you can possibly think of.  Move over, Laduree Soho – this street has got the real deal!  On this walk we grabbed a crepe, stopped at a very cool all pink cafe for a cappucinno, window shopped and wound up at the Arc De Triomphe.  An afternoon well spent, for sure.

cartier Paris

fontaine de mars

We stumbled upon Fontaine de Mars, which is famous for their creme brûlée and was actually recommended to me from a friend.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Eiffel Tower

And duh, what is a trip to Paris without a visit to the Eiffel Tower? As mentioned previously, throughout many points of my trip we had a nice view of the Eiffel Tower.  Surrounding this area are amazing gardens and places to picnic, but we chose this very spot to have ours.  Fresh baguette, a cheese & charcuterie board, and a little puppy to play with (Zoe’s dog Mila) –  LIFE GOALS!

The Arc De Triomphe.  Larger than life in person.  One of those things where photos just do not do it justice.

louis Vuitton paris

This area was absolutely stunning and full of 5 star hotels and high end shops.  You can see Dior and Louis Vuitton in the photo above.  The sun was setting, and the way it was reflecting off of the buildings was truly blowing my mind.  It’s the little things, these days!

paris travel guide paris outfit inspo

One of the places I was MOST excited to visit was Pink Mamma, a branch of the Big Mamma restaurant group.  I found it on Instagram (of course, haha) and was so pleased to see that this spot is just as gorgeous in person as it was online.  There’s three floors of dining, all adorned with different decor.  The third floor was our favorite, with the greenhouse feel and STUNNING views.  We came for brunch and while the burrata was fabulous, we ordered a pasta and fish dish that tasted extremely salty to me, making it almost hard to eat.  Even so, I would say this is 100% worth coming to.  I miss it already.

pink mamma paris

pink mamma paris

Another spot I wanted to come have a drink was the Hotel Grand Amour in the 10th arrondissement.  It has the most adorable courtyard, making it the perfect place to grab a glass of white wine.  I never thought I would love the color pink so much! Haha.  Paris definitely makes pink charming.

Saint Germaine has a ton of great spots, and for our dinners we would just sit at yet another perfect restaurant with outdoor seating, where we would people watch, drink lots of wine and eat great food.  At one of the restaurants we were at Zoe got stopped by like 4 different people she knew.  Reminds me how small city living can actually be!

grand hotel amour paris

paris architecture

aperol spritz

And oh my gosh, to end this post I have to talk about the drink that still has my mouth watering.  I was craving an Aperol Spritz the whole time we were there, and on my last night Zoe said she had just the spot.  Now, I know Aperol spritzes are not complicated in ingredients, but something about this AMAZING champagne (18 euros each for these drinks!) in combination with the perfect amount of orange liqueur totally hit the spot.  These drinks were massive, so we spent quite a bit of time here having our life chats and enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Le Coupe D’or is the name of the restaurant, and if you’re visiting Paris YOU MUST GO!

The doughiest croissants, fabulous wine, amazing architecture, good company..This trip was so incredible and I am truly grateful for how beautiful life can be sometimes! I cannot WAIT to go back to Paris!





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