Luxembourg gardens
April 24, 2018

Paris Travel Guide Pt. 1

Bonjour! (Had to)

Paris, oh Paris.  This is such a fun post for me to put together because I’m getting to relive some of that Parisian magic.  Even though we all know photos don’t do the experience justice, I am always glad to have to have memories and images to look back on.  This trip was a spontaneous one, and I stayed with my friend Zoe who has lived there for the past two years.  She’s looking to move back to NYC soon, so I would have been an idiot to not go stay with her while she is still living in Paris!  To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with this city as much as I did.  I guess almost 10 years of living in NYC makes me feel like I’ve become a little bit harder to “wow”.  Boy, was I wrong.  I had a sh*t eating grin on my face the entire time!  This trip was just what I needed.  Culture, architecture, city buzz, foreign language.  I hadn’t been to Europe in exactly 10 years and this trip was my friendly reminder that the world is BEAUTIFUL and there is so much I still have to see.  I think it was a lot of fun for Zoe to see her city through my eyes too, since I was pretty much just twirling around and gushing the entire time, haha.

gare de nord

This was my very first step outside and the very first photo that I took, just outside the metro station Gare Du Nord.  I tried to take the RER B train all the way from the airport to Zoe’s neighborhood because a cab would have been 80 euros (which means less wine and croissant money), but I only got about halfway because there was a strike on the trains.   Basically, I ended up spending half that because I took the metro halfway.  I had to give myself an A for effort!  Zoe lives in the 6th arrondissement, which if you ask me is the place to be.  It was an absolutely beautiful area and seemed pretty centrally located to anything that we did.

I actually took this photo when my cab was stopped at a red light.  The cab ride alone was so fun because I got a quick little tour of the city.  I remember looking to my left like, “Oh sh*t, there’s the Lourve!”  I loved the energy of the city right off the bat.

Luxembourg gardens

The very first thing we did when I arrived (after a 20 min nap, espresso and croissant of course) was walk over to the Luxembourg Gardens.  It was only about a 10 minute walk from Zoe’s apartment, and this was high up on my list of things I wanted to see.  Everything about this area is stunning.  Perfectly manicured lawns, fountains, florals.  If time weren’t an issue, I could have sat here for hours!  Coming here was the first of my many “OMG I’M IN PARIS!” moments.

Luxembourg gardens

Also nearby was the Saint Sulpice, a Roman Catholic Church that was just stunning to look at.

Big on my list of things to do and also conveniently 10 minutes from Zoe’s apartment was to have lunch at Cafe de Flore.  Yes, it is a little overpriced and touristy, but I don’t regret going for a second!  We grabbed a table outside and enjoyed wine and lunch while people watching and it was great.  So thankful for my French translator (Zoe, not an actual translator) the entire trip, otherwise I would have been in trouble, haha.

notre dame cathedral

The Notre Dame, also a magical sight to see.  This place was PACKED, so we just kind of did a walk-through.  If I had more time in my trip, I would have loved to actually go into cathedrals, museums, etc.,  but the weather was so beautiful and I had so much I wanted to see, so we just kept walking and wandering.  Next time I’ll go in!

au vieux cafe

Au Viex Paris Cafe is a spot that has dominated my Instagram feed more than once, and while it was really cute to see, I didn’t get the full effect since the wysteria wasn’t in bloom just yet.

This is Place Des Voseges, another great place to sit and have lunch or coffee.  It’s one of the oldest public square’s in Paris and just reeks of history and beauty.

When we weren’t walking, we took the bus around the city, which was a nice to way to familiarize myself with the different areas and start to get my bearings.  In addition to our many cafe and wine stops, we had a sunset drink at FLOW, which is essentially a boat bar on the Seine left bank.  Above is the view (yup!) from the boat, and in the distance (not in this photo) you can see the Eiffel Tower.  I would definitely recommend making it a point to watch the sunset from here!


Paris Travel Guide

I’m so glad that we lucked out with the weather and outdoor seating was in full swing (although every place has heaters outside!), because it really did make the trip that much more fun.  Good weather does wonders for the soul, I tell you!

hotel Daniel paris

A really fun thing that Zoe took me to was “high tea” at Hotel Daniel.  Although I didn’t know what high tea was prior to this, I now know that it is a MUST if you are visiting Paris.  For 35 euros, you receive tea of your choice, an assortment of pastries, tea sandwiches, a dessert each and a glass of wine.  It doesn’t sound like much, but we had a hard time getting our scones down we were so full! Although we did have pasta not long before that, come to think of it..

That’s all for now! I’ve got pt. 2 of my Paris Travel Guide coming with more IG worthy spots to dine, places to shop, and a MUST stop place for a drink that will leave you fiending for days after.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for stopping.





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