August 11, 2016

Ovelia, Upscale Greek

Ovelia, I dig you.

This Greek restaurant in Astoria, Queens (30th ave) is awesome and is quickly becoming a go-to spot in our new neighborhood.  I first went there with Tommy’s family;  It was a place we picked at random simply because they could fit us all in for Sunday brunch.  It was a gorgeous day, the garage doors of the restaurant were open, and the breeze coming in transported you somewhere else (perhaps Greece?)  The decor is to really cool, with lots of distressed wood, sweet lighting, funky accents and lots of plants.  Every corner you turn offers something different, and I love that about restaurants that really build a concept.  If you didn’t know, Astoria is known for its Greek food, and even though this is a little more on the higher scale (although their brunch is super affordable and comes with a free cocktail!), I’m finding that this is one of my favorite places to eat in Astoria.

ovelia nyc

Brunch was super fresh, super different and super delicious.  Don’t I sound so smart sometimes? SUPER.

 We all had different items and everyone seemed to really enjoy theirs.  An appetizer I particularly remember being a hit across the board was the “Buffalo Style Kalamari”.

The next time we came back was for dinner, and we had the Tzatziki (greek yogurt, dill, cucumber and garlic with pita bread) and Grilled Halloumi to start. The halloumi (aka cheese) was served with rose candies and dried fig, which made for such an interesting dish.  Rose candies aren’t my favorite thing, but cheese, fig & pita definitely are at the top.  We also had “KEFTEDAKIA”
seasoned lamb, beef and pork meatballs.  These were good, but I’m anxious to try many more appetizers on the menu in the future.

restaurant decor

For entrees we had the “SOLOMOS KEBAB” – salmon, cherry tomato, tabbouleh, Greek yogurt pesto

and the “GREEK COFFEE SKIRT STEAK” with halloumi-mushroom poutine

Both were fantastic and very big portions, so we were able to take half home and have the rest for lunch the next day.


On our third visit, we were grabbing a late lunch/early dinner and decided to try all new items again.  I’m telling you, it’s that kind of place where you want to just keep coming back and trying new things.


To start we had the “FETA CUBES” – sesame crusted feta drizzled in honey.  Ummmmm, drool.  These are everything you want them to be – sweet and crunchy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside.

feta cubes

So good, guys.  So good.


I went with their seasonal “PANTZARIA” to snack on – red beets, walnuts, greek yogurt, capers.  Mmm.  I love this style of salad and always have to get it if its on the menu.

astoria eats

I’m actually not sure what Tommy ordered (lol), but something along the lines of a lamb, beef and pork flatbread.  I didn’t try any of this but it sure smelled good!


I hardly EVER order chicken out at a restaurant – if I’m out and buying, its seafood all the way, but something about the look of this chicken seemed like a good move.  Rough cut organic half chicken with rosemary and seasonings was the perfect dish to complement my beet salad.  It was juicy and flavorful.


Ovelia just has me coming back for more!  I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a fun date night spot or brunch with the girls in Astoria.

P.S. for dessert I tried a bite of the Kantaifi – {shredded phyllo pastry, Kasseri cheese, pistachios, soaked in sweet syrup} and it is TO DIE FOR.

Hope you all have a great day 😉




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