namaste in ny
May 7, 2017

Namaste in NY

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I think every New Yorker will agree that life here is pretty stressful.  Of course, it is equally as amazing as it is stressing (otherwise who would even live here?!), but the day-to-day chaos can be a bit much.  Jam packed streets, even more crowded subway cars, traffic, rude people…living here can feel like the ultimate test of your patience, haha.  I actually had my first “subway panic attack” on Friday – the rain was torrrrrential for hours on end and we had multiple flash flood warnings all morning, and when I went to get the train home to Queens we made it about two stops before the train was held up.  This is par for the course, but after more than a few minutes passed, people were getting restless and irritated.  I realized that the train was turned completely off.  No air.  You’re underground, the windows are foggy, it’s muggy as hell…nobody was happy.  The conductor finally made an announcement that the FDNY was preventing the train from moving forward, and they would keep us updated.  Usually if you are stopped at a station, they will keep the doors open to let you out, but since half of our subway was already in the tunnel there was nothing anyone could do.  We just had to wait.  I did have limited cell service so I was texting with Tommy and one of my girlfriends,  freaking out and feeling like something was wrong.  They were both like “Just breathe! It’s ok!” And I did…

About a minute later our car started to fill up with smoke (not a lot, but surely creeping in) and it smelled like something was burning.  Since nobody in NY keeps their frigging cool, everyone on the subway car immediately started to straight PANIC. “What’s that smell?! Is that a fucking fire?!” was echoing through. The alarms on the train started to go off like crazy, and the conductor announced that we would have to exit single file to the end of the train.  I have to tell you, although I was not outwardly panicking like everyone else, I was kind of freaking out.  My heart was pounding, my vision got blurry.  It was a big deal.  I had never in 9 years of NYC living experienced something like this.  Our exit was quick and efficient, thankfully, and just after exiting I noticed that directly behind our train was a track fire.  The FDNY was already on it, but I was still standing there like “holy shit….”.  What if we WEREN’T so close to a station? Would we have had to walk all the way through a tunnel back to safety?

Whatever the case, when I finally took a minute to recoup, I couldn’t help but laugh like “wow, what a test of my new meditation skills”.  I just started meditating only about one week ago.  I admittedly have always been an over-reactor by nature – I have always assumed the worst and freaked out over nothing.  For the last year or so, my emotions and stress have been at an all-time high and while I no longer sweat the small stuff, I felt like I really needed help with getting myself centered and in check.  I’ve turned to meditating  to help me get through the days, and I already feel the benefits of it.  Before meditating, I feel like I would have been in hysterics on that subway car just as everyone else was.  Instead, I was able to keep focused and keep calm.  MEDITATION WINS.

So, not only is this mat from Adrienne Vittadini adorable, but it came at just the right time for me!  On gorgeous days I will be taking it up the rooftop!

Namaste in NY 😉 <3




namaste in ny


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