Mexico Recap
May 21, 2018

Mexico Recap

A few weeks ago, Tommy and I got back from a trip to Mexico. I wanted to do a blog post and recap on our trip because I love this resort so much and definitely find it worth sharing.  This was our second visit to Valentin Imperial Maya in Playa Del Carmen and we adored it just as much the second time around.  I’ve been coming to Mexico my entire life. and up until 2007 I had only been to one resort in Puerto Vallarta because our family came to the same spot every year.  When it was hit with a hurricane and completely wiped out (devastating), our family kind of let that vacation tradition die, therefore every time since that I have been to Mexico has been at a different resort.  I have to say, regardless of how weary we may feel sometimes to travel to Mexico, I have never had a bad experience – hotel or otherwise.  Cabo is a freakin’ blast, Playa Del Carmen has the most fun downtown area, Puerto Vallarta’s mountainside views are unreal.. I’ve been to very small boutique resorts and huge over the top resorts, each offering something different and fun. Mexico is always near and dear to my heart and will always be one of the most beautiful places on Earth to me.  I will never stop going! Never! Lol.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that while it is fun to try out different resorts, once you find a really great one there is no reason not to go back a second time! This resort (adults only!) is absolutely huge, but has that spa-like feel throughout.  Villa-style buildings, terra cotta accents, larger than life plants, tons of restaurants, beach-front suites, HUMONGOUS pools, friendly staff..have I sold you on it yet?  Did I mention that this resort is very reasonably priced and all-inclusive? While the food will not blow your socks off (we as New Yorkers are a tad particular), it is consistently good and the service is incredible.  Beachside service and room service are included, which is pretty amazing to me.  It feels like a 5 star experience without the 5 star price tag.  Our favorite dining options were the Mexican (duh) and the Japanese/Hibachi.  While house wine is included (meh), there is an extensive wine list available for an added cost.  We opted for a bottle from the list one night since this wino was having withdrawals.  Haha.  Aside from that, I had all of the Dos Equis and Mojitos I could handle.  There’s also a martini bar on site where the bartender makes a mean espresso martini!

There are plenty of activities going on at the resort during the day, and live music nightly.  Both times we have been here we felt absolutely no desire to leave the resort, so we didn’t!

As far as accommodations go, the rooms are not really rooms at all.  The resort only offers suites, and they are all beautiful.  We stayed directly on the beach for our last visit (heaven), and while we were a little further away this time, it was still quiet and secluded and dreamy.  We truly do enjoy it here, and now I hope you enjoy my millions of photos! 😉 If you haven’t seen already, my Instagram “highlights” has even more content!

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