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November 26, 2017

Cyber Monday Men’s Gift Guide

Hey, hey! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving.  I don’t know about you, but I have just been a shopping MACHINE since Thursday night.  Surprisingly, I didn’t buy anything for myself (beyond impressive), and have pretty much gotten everyone on my list covered.  I think that in past years I used to actually get a kick out of going out to the stores and shopping, but now I’m like um, who has time for that?! I’ll do allll of my shopping from my couch this time around, thank you very much.  The online deals this year are just INSANE, and since Cyber Monday is actually Cyber all-week-long, I wanted to share this Men’s Gift Guide one day early!  This was such a fun (and easy, I have to say) guide to put together, mainly because I just had to think back to gifts that Tommy has received and really loved.  I like when he has a scruff going, so it may have been a mistake to give him this Art of Shaving Kit, haha.  HE LOVES IT.  It definitely takes the shaving game up a notch.  I also feel like you can’t go wrong with a Nixon watch – this particular one is sporty but also upscale and timeless.  If a man says he doesn’t want slippers, HE’S LYING.  A luxury gift to give is a crystal decanter set (his happy hours at home will never be the same), and this Bose bluetooth speaker is perfect for get togethers, beach days, or just jamming at home.  These Woodwick candles are my new obsession – they crackle like your own personal little fire! Perfect for those nights when he needs some chill time.  These gifts are great for any guy in your life! Get to shopping this Cyber Monday Men’s Gift Guide!

men's gift guide




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