holiday pj's
December 19, 2017

Holiday PJ’s

Every time the holidays come around, one of my favorite things to do is pick up a new set of Christmas PJ’s.  We pretty much have a set rule that no one is allowed to open presents without being in their holiday gear.  Drinking mimosas is fun no matter what, but drinking mimosas in reindeer and snowflake covered leggings is even more of a good time.  I turned to trusty Amazon for a last minute and affordable set! I plan on teaching my last two Pure Barre classes of the week in these as well 🙂

reindeer leggings

While I’m here I figured I’d share (again) this holiday shelf decor.  I’m so thrilled about it, because all of these items were an impulse buy at Home Goods last year and I had NO home for them! Now all of my “trinkets” as Tommy calls them can be on display for all to see 🙂

home goods decor

holiday pj's

baby its cold outside tee

holiday shelf decor

Do you guys wear cheesy and/or festive PJ’s on Christmas morning?

Have a great day!




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