holiday gift guide
December 5, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Holy cow – I cannot believe Christmas is SO CLOSE to being here! While I can’t believe how quickly it is creeping up, I definitely have not been skimping out on Christmas-y activities this week.  A fully decked out apartment (got our tree this weekend!), a visit to Bryant Park ice skating rink, walking by the Rockefellar Christmas tree…heck, just living in NYC is enough to get into the spirit.  We’ve already watched all the classic holiday movies, and even grabbed some egg nog to sip on!  The one thing I am behind on is Christmas shopping.  Not going to lie – we usually go ALL OUT for each other in my family.  We do it big.  This year, however, we are really dialing things down and going less expensive, more I’ve been taking more time than usual to figure out what to gift everyone!  The items below are gifts that every girl in your life will enjoy, yet still feel personal.  Not to mention the fact that all but one item (can you guess which?!) are under $50!

holiday gift guide

  1. Drawstring Lounge Pants  2. Flannel Pants  (literally never heard of someone being upset with receiving comfy pants!) 3. 52 Lists for Happiness I almost bought this book for myself! Great for anybody that wants to be happy, and isn’t that everyone? 4.  Essie Holiday Mini Kit   So cute! Perfect for a friend or even if you’re a part of Secret Santa.  5.  Fujifilm Instax Mini 8  Sure, we all love our iPhones and DSLR’s, but how cool and classic is a polaroid camera? 6.  Mercury Jar Candle  Not only is this candle gorgeous, but it smells AMAZING.  7.  This Might Be Wine Mug  Cheesy? Yes.  Cute anyway? Yes.  8.  I’m Not A Morning Person Come on, we all know someone who can benefit from this bag! (AKA me)

Hope this helps you guys in getting your Christmas shopping going! Wishing you luck 🙂




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