gallery wall
May 21, 2017

Gallery Wall Under $100

Wahoooo, a decor post! This topic has become one of my favorite things to blog about.  I’m especially excited to feature this living room gallery wall, not only because I’m happy with how it looks but because it cost under $100! As you can imagine, furnishing an apartment from scratch is PRICEY  (pretty sure I say that in every home decor post).  After last year’s Summer decor, Christmas decor and then Winter decor my apartment budget was pretty much capped out.  However, changing up the wall was an itch that I just had to scratch.  We moved this birch painting into the bedroom (see bedroom post here) and had this wall blank for a few weeks while I tried to figure out what to do with it.  I finished my shelf decor   next to the TV and wanted to do something that would complement it.  I always loved the idea of a gallery wall, but if you’ve looked up the price of art before then you know that it is a super expensive project to take on.  Pricey art and then a frame?  Not once but multiple times to make up a gallery? No way Jose.  After a trip to IKEA I was assured that making this project affordable was easy peasy.  My favorite line of frames is the Ribba  series- they’re sturdy, matted and priced between $7 and $10! So crazy.

gallery wall

As far as the prints, it doesn’t get more affordable than using your own photography! One night I started to play around with iPhoto and decided that I would try to print out some of my Canon photos in black and white.  I ordered through Shutterfly, which was cheap and fast.  I wasn’t too sure about what quality I would get, but I am SO happy with how these came out.  I went for matte cardstock and they look really, really beautiful in person.  All of the photos you see here are photos of New York City that either I or Tommy have taken, including pics from our apartment roof deck and balcony.  So, not only is this project affordable, but it makes it special and personal.

As far as gallery wall design, we placed each frame 3 inches away from each other (kind of a pain in the ass), so we are able to play with layout if necessary! I have already moved them around a bunch.  At first I thought that I would want a symmetrical design (especially because Tommy has minor OCD haha), but I’m actually loving the flexility and funk of having different sizes and heights.  We did make sure that it is completely center between the two wall plants, though!

diy gallery wall

gallery wall under $100

(pic from Instagram below)

gallery wall

Do you guys have a gallery wall?

Thanks for reading!




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