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July 14, 2017

Fire Island

One of our absolute favorite places to visit in the Summer is Fire Island.  Such a short ride from NYC, yet you feel like you are a WORLD away.  No cars, no noise (aside from the noise of people having fun!), endless waterfront dining, the longest beach days, epic sunsets..it really is an amazing place.  Expect lots of greenery, lots of sand, casual vibes and oh, don’t be surprised if multiple deer just come waltzing onto the beach or join you on your walk!  As I get older, I find that I crave less of the “scene” of Montauk or the Hamptons and want to just go somewhere I can chill.  With that being said, FI is still a great place for a party and bachelor/bachelorettes, but it is what you make it! We’re usually in bed before the chaos happens anyway, haha.  It is a great spot for family, couples, or grabbing a ton of your girlfriends to rent a house with a sick pool (I recommend Seaview for that – you’re right in between Ocean Beach and OBP).

We take the ferry from Bayshore to Ocean Bay Park, which is only about 25 minutes long and is a beautiful ride.  While there are many little towns that make up Fire Island, we stay in Ocean Bay Park and spend most of our time there or in Ocean Beach.  We either have our own little happy hour on the beach or head to Schooner’s or Flynn’s in OBP for an icy beer and a beautiful sunset.  From there we usually walk into Ocean Beach for a waterfront dinner, lots of wine and 9 times out of 10 some ice cream for the walk back.

If you can, rent a house.  It is definitely the most cost effective option.  You can prepare some of your own meals, split the cost amongst friends, etc.  The only issue with Tommy and I going alone is that we rent a tiiiiiny little overpriced room at this place called the Seashore Condo Motel. This place is nothing fancy, but don’t get me wrong – it does the trick.  These rooms are independently owned and rented so as opposed to your typical hotel/motel room, most owners provide plenty of items you would need for the weekend like beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, a wine key…you know, the important stuff.  They’ve got a lounge area and grills to use, which is great however because it’s just the two of us we opt to dine out for most meals.  Around the corner from us is the Fire Island Hotel, which has a pool and is literally 5 steps from the beach.   If you’re looking to stay directly in Ocean Beach the Palms Hotel is absolutely adorable and smack dab in the middle of the action.  We went to the restaurant at this hotel for the first time the other night and absolutely loved it.  The only downfall to this is that I am sure that it gets loud and stays loud very late in the evening.  Most of the rooms are actually directly over bars and restaurants. EEK.

Tommy always jokes that once I decide I love something, I become the spokesperson and gush about it to everyone I know.  Well, I guess I am the spokesperson for FI because I cannot get enough, haha.  If you have any more questions about it let me know!



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