the mall in central park
November 6, 2016

Fall in Central Park

Fall in Central Park.  Maaan, it’s good.  I can show you pictures and tell you how incredible it is, but the true magic of walking through the park just has to be seen with your own eyes.  For many tourists, Christmas is a favorite time to visit NYC.  For New Yorkers, Fall is hands down the best time of the year.  I feel like every person that lives in NYC made it a point to get to Central Park this weekend and enjoy the foliage before it disappears! It was crowded, but not in a way that made it unenjoyable to walk through.




fall in central park

the great lawn

the mall in central park

the mall in central park

bethesda terrace

central park fountain


central park sailboats

All Saints jacket

bow bridge

We spent a good portion of the afternoon walking through the park (totally earned the pizza we had later), visiting my favorite spots – Bethesda Terrace, Loeb Boathouse, Bow Bridge & the Mall.  We had a  famous NY pretzel, listened to a sax player, and had no time limits.  A truly great way to spend a Saturday!

Hope you enjoyed the pics, and also get to see the park for your own eyes 🙂




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