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November 27, 2016

Easy Makeup Storage

It’s not surprising that if you’re a girl who likes makeup, products can accumulate FAST.  Throw in subscriptions to Ipsy, Birch Box and the like and you’ll have an overwhelming stash of products to sort through (actually why I canceled those subscriptions!)  When we moved into this apartment I knew that I wouldn’t have room for a vanity (we went with a balcony instead! really tough decision – kidding), so I had to get crafty with where I would now keep my makeup.  We’re fortunate enough to have a huge bathroom, so I have a drawer storage unit for all of my skin & bath products, and a few organizers for makeup that fit perfectly on top of that! I purchased a few organizers – one mainly for palettes, one for brushes, and one for lipsticks and powders.  I have to say – I LOVE THEM! It’s kind of like “organized chaos” – It may look a little cramped but I know where everything is and it’s cool to have everything on display so I don’t have to go searching for things.  So, here we go – easy makeup storage!

amazon makeup case

As you can see I just keep all three organizers in front of each other. My brushes are in the middle so they aren’t in the way but are still easily accessible.  The organizer for my palettes is all the way in back, and luckily I had juuuust enough makeup palettes to fit in here 🙂 Each compartment fits 3-5, depending on size.

makeup brush storage

This brush holder is perfectly sized!  As you can see, I have a decent amount of brushes (some I admittedly don’t use very often), so it’s great that that it can fit a lot.  I like that there are three separate containers within the holder.

makeup storage

One of my favorite things about this particular organizer is the different sized compartments.  Plenty of room to store lipsticks & liners, and also a few little drawers for bronzers and blush.

jewelry organizer makeup organizer

As if easy makeup storage isn’t enough of a reason to purchase these, they are EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE.  Like, stupid cheap.  I’ve actually seen plastic organizers for up to $100, and you can get all of three of these for a little more than $50…which is kind of insane! And amazing!  I had always seen these around but never knew if they would look cheap in person.  My friend Lindsay actually ordered one first and sent me a picture, and by the time mine came in I couldn’t wait to have it on display! In fact, I loved these so much that I actually bought a different organizer to store some of my jewelry in.

So, if you are tight on space or are on a budget, or even just need something more to store all of your products, this easy makeup storage is perfect for you!

Have a great Monday!!!




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