February 22, 2017

Cafe Select

Hello Spring weather! Is this fantastic or what? The past few days I can actually feel the increase in energy while walking through NYC.  I’m still encountering some rude people on the subway though, so apparently this weather doesn’t work wonders on everybody, haha.  Oh well – nobody or anything can get me down when it is going to be over 60 degrees in February!

 We all know that there are so many adorable, Instagram-worthy cafes to eat at in Soho, and while I love to try a new spot when I’m with my girlfriends, I always find that when I’m lunching solo I wind up at Cafe Select.  It’s very no-frills, yet still cute, comfortable and perfect for me to get a full stomach before doing some shopping damage on Broadway.  There are only 3 tables outdoors, yet most times I snag one! I love to have an iced almond latte and either a salad or some avocado toast for some sunshine and alone time while catching up on emails and social media (mostly social media let’s be real here).  I also love to chill at their small bar area so I can still feel the fresh air and get some light.  While most people are waiting in line for a table a few doors down at either Jack’s Wife or La Esquina (both definitely worth the wait once or twice), I know that I can always grab a table at Cafe Select and have a nice, quick lunch! Their lunch specials are always changing, so things haven’t gotten dull all these years 😉

almond milk iced latte

cafe select salad

cafe select

So, if you find yourself too hungry to wait in line for a table or just looking for a calm and cool spot – head over to Cafe Select!

{Lafayette and Spring st}




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