January 13, 2017

Blush Scarf

Hey, there! I took quite the break from blogging and even Instagram for a few weeks, and let me tell you it felt great! The weeks leading up to the holidays were so jam packed that I really felt the need to unplug for some time following to get into the swing of the New Year.  We’ve already had some snow and a 60 degree day, so per usual, you just never know what the weather will bring haha.  My sister’s best friend Ali got me this blush scarf for Christmas and I just love it, not only for its bulk but for the blush tone which makes me feel like Spring is around the corner! You may have heard me say before that I don’t really like the color pink, but this gorgeous color paired with distressed black denim and a long gray coat felt right to me! Perfect way to cozy up for my coffee run.

blush scarf

IMG_5862 (1)

blush scarf


shein jacket





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