blanket scarves
October 5, 2016

Blanket Scarves & Fall Decor on a Budget

I think every girl is with me when I say that every time a new season rolls around, I’m dying to shop for new clothes.  Well, with a spankin’ new apartment in the picture, you can add shopping for seasonal decor into the mix as well.  Here’s the problem with both of those things; my closet is already stuffed to the gills, and I already spent a small fortune furnishing the new apartment! With that being said, there are ways to add elements of Fall to your wardrobe and decor without breaking the bank.  Since we have a pretty neutral palette going in the apartment, I kept that monochromatic feel and still managed to incorporate Fall with some cozy throw blankets, small (and cheap!) white pumpkins, and cozy scented (literally, Cozy Nights) candle.  For that pop of Fall color I am craving, I buy gorgeous flowers every week from Union Square’s Green Market.  Sure, flowers are not always cheap, but they are worth it and really liven up a monochromatic space.  As far as the wardrobe, what better way to incorporate Fall than with some blanket scarves?! You can layer them over sweaters or a light jacket and really make a statement.  You’re buying something new but still not breaking the bank! 😉 Some of the below scarves are sold out, so I linked similar at the bottom of this post.

blanket scarves

fall bouquet

fall flowers

home goods

cozy nights candle

white pumpkins

Happy Fall! How do you guys incorporate Autumn into your life?



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