band tee
June 19, 2017

Band Tee

Ohh, the return of the band tee. Or did it ever leave? I remember in high school I used to spend ALL of my money on graphic tee’s at Urban Outfitters.  Aerosmith (Wayne’s World anyone?), AC/DC, Rolling Stones..I had them all.  I can remember my dad seeing me wear them like “Ha! You make me turn 99.1 off every time”, meaning that I definitely did not appreciate classic rock back then. I just loved the laid-back vintage feel.  Of course, with time I have come to appreciate the classics and now cannot get enough.  I’ll never forget the first time I went to my Dad’s house for one of our Summer grilled clam/drinks hangouts and when he left me in charge of the music he was THRILLED that I put on 99.1.  I was like “I know man, I finally came around!”   These band tee’s are trending again, but I wanted to grab a Guns N’ Roses tee in honor of my dad.  One of his favorite bands, and now one of mine!  One of the cooler things about our neighborhood in Queens is that there is a skate park around the corner.  Tommy and I wandered over there the other night just to watch the skaters in awe.  They are super talented!  Tommy has even busted out his own skateboard over there recently.  Just please don’t hurt yourself babe, haha.

band tee

guns n roses tee

miss guided tee

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