holiday drinks in NYC
December 13, 2017

3 Places to Grab Holiday Drinks in NYC

How is Christmas creeping up on us so quickly?! It really is so crazy.  As a New Yorker, I know that there is no better place to be than in NYC.  With that being said, sometimes we take the magic of it all for granted and don’t even take the time to be tourists ourselves! I walk by the Plaza Hotel pretty much every day on my walk from the subway to work, and yet hadn’t made it a point to make a pitstop there until this past Tuesday.  Tommy and I took the day off specifically to play tourist – I had a list of spots to go to and I would say that we did pretty well in checking those off!  Of course, being a tourist is tiring so after three stops we looked at each other and were like – “Should we go home now?” AKA back to our neighborhood to get pizza.  Haha.  As I mentioned in my previous post, visiting the tree at Rock Center is not a priority.  I would much rather visit places that are festive but also relaxing to grab a drink and get in the spirit.  We lucked out because although these spots are usually jam packed this time of year, we went on a Tuesday and started early in the day, so everything was very manageable!  I’m still hoping to cram in a few more spots before Christmas, but for now these are 3 Places to Grab Holiday Drinks in NYC!

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holiday drinks in NYC


Baita on the Rooftop (Eataly)

Eataly is always switching up their rooftop theme depending on the time of year, and currently the restaurant is modeled after the Italian Alps.  The decor resembles a ski lodge and really is cozy for a 14th floor rooftop! Christmas trees, wooden tables, blankets draped over the chairs – it definitely does make you forget you’re in NYC!  We went in the afternoon, but I’m sure at night it feels even cozier.



Duh.  I should just finish it with that.  But seriously, if you’ve never been to Rolf’s in December you are doing it wrong! It is like you’ve exited real life and stepped into a Christmas tree.  See my Insta for proof! This places gets insanely packed but I think that every year I’ve gone has been on a weekday mid-day and I really haven’t ever had a problem.  I usually go for the mulled wine (delicious), but this time I went for the Rolf’s martini (vodka, baileys, kahlua) and it was aaaamazing.  I want it again right now.  Crowds or not, you will not regret this visit.


The Plaza Hotel

Can’t even say those words without thinking of Home Alone 2.  Is the Plaza a tourist trap? Yes.  Is it worthy of a visit in December anyway? Yes.  It is absolutely stunning, inside and out.  Go inside, order some tea sandwiches, a $22 glass of champagne and take some fabulous pics for Instagram.  It’s the holiday season and you deserve it.

Also, as pictured above The New York Lotte Palace has a FABULOUS tree (with zero crowds), making it a great place to stop on your walk to 5th Ave to window shop!

Happy Holidays!




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