frozen sangria
October 3, 2017

3 Ingredient Frozen Sangria

*Edit* I originally had this post scheduled for yesterday, but it felt like too somber of a day to post about “silly” things like fashion or lifestyle. My thoughts are with the families affected by the tragedy in Vegas.

One of the best things about living in our apartment is the opportunity to entertain.  We really love to have friends over so they get to enjoy our amenities as much as we do.  When my friends from CT and I originally got a date on the books for them to come hang at our place, I was picturing a nice and breezy first day of Fall.  I figured red wine would be totally fine for a day of lounging on the roof deck, but fast forward to the week of and I realized that the nice and breeze first day of Fall weekend that I was hoping for was actually more like a steaming hot 90 degree Summer one, haha.  Suddenly red wine wasn’t sounding so refreshing, but a frozen drink certainly was!  Obviously since red wine was what I had on hand I immediately thought to a frozen sangria.  The only issue being, I don’t really like sangria! I’m not much of a multi-ingredient cocktail lover.  Sweet drinks aren’t my thing and as you know, sangria has got a lot of sugar.  Maybe I am a selfish host, but I want to enjoy what I am serving, ha!  This recipe is not only super easy, but it was as tasty as traditional sangria.  You can add things to it if you’d like (brandy, club soda, fresh fruit, triple sec, etc) but this is the bootleg DIY version!!

8 ounces red wine

2 ounces orange juice

4 tablespoons agave nectar (or whatever sweetener you’d like)

1 cup ice

This is for 4 servings – if you’re serving more or would like a back-up pitcher, just double it! I also added a red wine floater to ours, because we say yes to more wine.  Always.

frozen sangria

3 ingredient frozen sangria

astoria queens

3 ingredient sangra

Hope you enjoy and are able to make your own sangria/slushy situation!




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