$15 turtleneck
November 19, 2017

$15 Turtleneck

One thing I realized this weekend while going through all of my Winter clothes was that I did NOT have a need to buy new sweaters.  I actually can’t even believe how many I own.  However, in typical Ava fashion I took to online shopping before taking inventory of my closet.  {Insert hand smacking face emoji here}  I actually returned quite a few items, but one of the items that I did keep was this turtleneck that was 50% off – making it less than $15! It was affordable before, but a $15 turtleneck? Who can’t use one of these in their closet? Nobody.  I bought two.

I’m loving it with fringe-hemmed jeans and a blanket scarf for these windy days we have been having.

$15 turtleneck

nastygal turtleneck

nastygal turtleneck

Larrson & jennings watch


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