ribbed brown sweater
February 13, 2017

Ribbed Brown Sweater

Happy Monday, guys! I’m gearing up for an afternoon of teaching at Pure Barre, and feeling grateful at the fact that I was able to sleep in this morning.  I had the weekend off, which was incredible as I got some more time in with friends and Tommy, but after a few 15 hour days this past work week I was feeling pretty shot all weekend.  Hate when that happens! It’s either all or nothing with my work schedule, and sometimes that ends up taking its toll on my body.  Oh well, such is life – right? Anyway, on to this ribbed brown sweater.

Getting hit with yet another snowy weekend left me in a rotation of snow boots, black leggings and turtlenecks. On Friday night, I actually didn’t take my hat off at all, whether it was out to dinner or out for the drinks after.  It was just too cold! I have to say, I’m really not minding this Winter (it’s been so mild compared to past NYC Winter’s), but at the same token I’m definitely looking forward to wearing less layers in a few months.  In the meantime, this ribbed brown sweater is one of many in my collection that is helping these days a little more bearable 🙂

shein sweater

ribbed brown sweater

snow in NYC

boxy brown sweater


On another note, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! I am of course working a million hour day, so I won’t be seeing Tommy (wah), but we have a little early celebration in order.  I’ve actually already started snacking on these Rose gummy bears – they’re delicious.  The whole world pretty much knows how much I love Rose, and fun fact – the first time I ever even discovered my love for it was at Tommy and I’s first ever Valentine’s Day dinner at Strip House, where I had a glass of Whispering Angel.  These gummy bears are actually made with Whispering Angel, you guys!  I’ve got a thoughtful guy on my hands, that’s for sure.  Swoon.  We always go to a nice, romantic dinner to celebrate V-Day and usually exchange gifts, however this year we’re keeping it a little more low key.

veuve rose

(Candle a Christmas gift from my girl Ali; again, someone who knows my love for Rose)

rose gummy bears

whispering angel rose

Hope you guys have a good start to the week, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day plans, whatever they may be!


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