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August 7, 2016

Long Awaited Coffee Table

Ahhh, we FINALLY have a coffee table! Not just any coffee table, but a beautiful one!

  I may have mentioned this before, but our new apartment is still a work in progress, as we started with ZILCH and purchased everything after moving.  We made so much progress in our first two weeks, and then once July hit we were away every single weekend for weddings, visits to see family, beach getaways etc.  We are finally in the home stretch of designing the interior!  A few more pieces to decide on (pretty much just wall art and lamps) and we are alllll done.  So, get ready to have some decor posts coming your way 😉

We did so much of our apartment on a “budget”, and I think you’ll be surprised at just how well things are coming together.  Since most of the pieces we bought were on the lower end, I really wanted to splurge on a coffee table, as it gets plenty of use and is a great focus and conversation piece for a tiny space like an NYC apartment.  I spent so much time online looking at what felt like thousands of coffee tables that were just “eh” before deciding to splurge on a custom-made table.  I’m so happy I did!

vineyard hill candle

I took to the internet to find the perfect company to purchase from, and I ended up going with DendroCo, a husband and wife business duo from Chicago, Illinois.  Since I obviously couldn’t see any of their pieces in person, I pretty much just took a leap of faith based on pictures I had seen and previous reviews.  We had some minor issues with production delays and shipping, which ended up adding weeks on to our order (drawback of custom orders, right?), but customer service was great and I just attribute any issues to the fact that this small business is booming and is struggling to keep up with demand!  A great problem to have.  The only downside was that Tommy had to put his drinks on the windowsill for a month. Oops.  Sorry babe.

crate and barrel coasters

If you go onto their website,  you can see that there is a “Custom Quote” section, where you can specify what you are looking for and they get back to you with a price.  Reclaimed wood is pricey, no doubt, but I got to pick the finish (rustic gray!), the size, and the legs (industrial piping!), which just makes it that much more special.

dendro co coffee table

I had no idea what the actual wood was going to look like, because obviously every piece of reclaimed wood is different! I love all of the character and “flaws” in reclaimed wood in the form of knots, indents, etc.  This particular piece has a lot of sandy undertones in it, which actually goes perfectly with the feel of our apartment!  Depending on the time of day or the way the light hits, it can look on the sandy side or on the gray side, and I love that too.

kate moss book

As you can see, our living room is pretty neutral! I love grays (duh), and throwing in contrasts of color in the form of plants, flowers and pillows.  P.S., if you’re a fan of Kate Moss, get this book! 

plantshed nyc

This rug was one of the first things I bought for the apartment, and I’m SO in love with it.  It creates a cozy, airy space and it goes so well with the beige couch that Tommy’s parents gave to us!

I got this Marble Macbook Pro cover a while back because I was, and still am having a huge marble moment.  Its too cute and keeps my clumsy self from damaging my computer 🙂

macbook decal

Have you guys ever bought reclaimed wood?  Do you love it?! Where from?  I want details.

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