April 24, 2017

Key West Recap

If you follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on FB, then there’s no doubt that you’ve already seen plenty of pictures from our recent weekend in Key West.  We were there for my friend Stacy’s wedding, and even though we were there for a quick jet-set weekend, I really feel that I got the full “Key West experience” and can recommend places to eat, places to drink and thinks to do while you visit.  We actually had a nightmare of getting there so we pretty much missed our first day, making this trip quicker than I ever thought possible! Haha.  Key West is so beautiful – I’ve been describing it to people as “Miami for adults”.  Obviously it’s still a big Spring Break spot, but you can leave your Miami club gear at home and just take your super casual, comfortable clothes with you to leisurely walk around, enjoy the views and relax with some drinks.

Where we stayed: Westwind’s Inn

This cute little B&B on Eaton Street was perfect for our weekend stay.  Friendly staff, awesome pool area and 10 minute walk to Duval Street.  I absolutely loved the old historic mansion feel in combination with the relaxing vibe of the Keys.  They had complimentary breakfast, but we ended up going out for breakfast each morning so we would just head down to grab some coffee and sit by the pool area for a few.   My favorite breakfast spot was called Two Friends Patio, which was basically just an outdoor tiki area with endless coffee and awesome fruit & omelet plates.  Our friend Jill also loved Blue Heaven for breakfast, which seems to have the same vibe as Two Friends, we just didn’t make it over there!

westwind's inn

triangle bikini

The Wedding:

Sta had her wedding at Ocean Key Resort & Spa, which is right by Mallory Square and is part of Sunset Pier.  Before cocktail hour we hung out at the Sunset Pier bar, which is super laid-back and full of high top tables with umbrellas to watch the amazing sunset. We had an even better view for the ceremony and reception, though! 🙂  It was a relatively small crowd and everyone just had an amazing time.  We’ve all been friends for more than 10 years which just made it all really special.

ocean key resort & spa


The day after the wedding Tommy and I took a few hours to just walk around Key West and explore.  There were so many marina’s, shops, stands, etc. but our first stop was Mac’s Seagarden and Cuban Coffee Queen.  I had heard about this coffee shop before and oh man, I am still thinking about that cafe con leche now.  We made sure to stop by one last time before leaving for the airport, it was that good.  Such a cute little shack by the water – I was so tempted to try the Key Lime Pie on a stick, too! Grab your coffee and check out the shops.  We didn’t purchase anything here but it was still nice to see what the local artists were crafting.

Mallory Square was so fun to walk through.  This is where you’ll find more of the tourist attractions like museums, bus tour information and overpriced Key West merch, so while we didn’t bite the tourist bait it was still a worth a walk through and a few pictures.

One thing I was absolutely obsessed with in Key West was all of the color.  Let me tell you, after a dreary and dark Winter in NYC this is just what we needed.  Everything was SO bright and SO tropical.  I felt like I was stuck in an art-deco paradise.  All of the greenery everywhere was beautiful, too.  The tropical plants everywhere you turn made walking the streets so enjoyable.

After we did our own exploring, it was time to meet up with my friends at Smather’s Beach.  On our way we stopped at Salute! On the Beach which was quite literally in the sand, and while the food was kind of EH, I’m glad we stopped to give our feet a break and enjoy the view of the ocean.  I had the fried fish sandwich so maybe that’s why I wasn’t too impressed, there’s nothing like that Northeast seafood that we are used to!

Smather’s Beach is so gorgeous, with random little walkways along the way to adventure down.  The beaches weren’t crowded at all, which made it that much better!

The highlight of our trip (aside from the wedding, of course) was our dinner at Latitude’s on Sunset Key.  Prior to our trip, I knew that I wanted to treat ourselves to one amazing dinner, and Latitude’s truly was one for the books.  From Mallory Square, you take a ferry over to a private island, where the Westin Hotel is located.  Everything from arriving to departing was fantastic.  Tommy, who had no idea what was in store, was like “holy shit this is so cool”, haha.  It felt luxurious and secluded, which is obviously what they are going for! We went all out for drinks, apps, dinner and dessert and got to sit back and have the most relaxing evening while watching the sunset start to finish.  I highly, highly recommend this restaurant for anyone traveling to the Keys! I would go back here in a heartbeat.  Afterwards we headed back to Duval Street to meet my friends at Willy T’s (great outdoor bar with live music) and enjoy our last night as a group!

latitude's key west cuban coffee queen

necessary clothing

Louie’s Lunch is also a place that we walked by but didn’t dine at..it’s located on the water and looks fantastic! I of course was talking to my neighbor on the plane who happens to be a Key West native and she highly recommended we go on our next visit! This was such a quick trip, but I’m so happy with how much we got to see and do.

Have you guys been to Key West?

Enjoy your day!




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