chatham bars inn
August 28, 2017

Chatham Bars Inn

Hey hey, happy Monday! I have a sad and strong feeling that these beautiful days we’ve been having are limited. Summer don’t end!! I had one of my best friend’s weddings in Rhode Island this weekend, and we were so thrilled that the weather was PERFECT.  And speaking of perfect weekends, I wanted to share a weekend I had in the Cape with my mom, sister and Mimi! We stayed at the Chatham Bars Inn and let me tell you, these grounds are nothing short of spectacular.  All that I requested of my mom was a “New England getaway”, and she definitely didn’t disappoint! This resort is so quaint, yet immaculate and luxurious.  Such a nice change from the grit and hustle of living in NYC! Our weekend included beachside cabanas, a morning at the Spa, seal watching, lots of seafood and some Frose.  What’s funny is I asked a few people for recs on what to do in town, yet we only ended up venturing off of the resort for a few hours to visit a local wine bar and walk through Main Street for some ice cream and window shopping.  Why leave when CBI has everything you could need on site?

chatham bars inn

We ended up staying at one of the (many) CBI cottages down the road from the main inn, which is either a decent walk’s distance to the inn’s restaurants or a quick drive, depending on how you choose to get around the property.  Admittedly, most of the time we ended up driving over and having the car valeted.

In my opinion, Beach House was the coolest part of the resort.  This was a very popular place for lunch (I snuck in for pics right before they opened) as it is super close to the beach cabanas and pool.  One of the biggest draws to Chatham Bars Inn is the Clam Bakes that they host out here in the evenings, however we unfortunately didn’t get to experience it as there were back-to-back weddings all weekend and the Beach House was closed!! I was really bummed.  Like, go to the concierge and ask “why the heck is there no clam bake this weekend?” bummed.

beach house chatham bars inn

I took some time to wander the grounds for some photos and every square inch of this place is breathtaking and grand!

View from the front of the hotel..How gorgeous.

When we learned there was no clam bake, we ventured over to this bar next to the Veranda for a few glasses of wine.  It looks really cute at night with the string lights all lit up.  We met a couple who also happened to be from Connecticut and had a fun time chatting with them.  We also hung out in the main inn by the fireplace for a few minutes, which was so relaxing!

So, with this place being as amazing as it was, I have to be frank about a few minor hiccups we encountered (mom don’t hate me!) –  mainly being the service in the dining areas.  Things like coffee taking 10+ minutes to arrive only to be cold, having to ask for waters multiple times, food orders taking an absurd amount of time to arrive to the point where we tried to cancel (we are SO not that type but it really was like over 30 minutes for hummus and pita, haha).  The restaurant staff’s overall attitude was not ideal.  Mostly everything you order at CBI is auto-grat and sometimes that can really suck because waiters literally don’t give a sh*t.  We also had an issue with the cabanas where they double charged what we were quoted, and then the “continental breakfast” we were promised was 3 bags of chips and an apple. LOL.  We ordered ice to the room that never came, random “service charges” were popping up on receipts.. It may seem trivial hearing about it now, but when you are on vacation to relax, little things like this all weekend compound and start to annoy the crap out of you (aka me).  Most people don’t know this about us, but my mom and Chloe are actually the more “go with the flow” types in these situations.  I, on the other hand get very frustrated.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been a server for half my life, or because I live in NYC and am spoiled with spot-on hospitality, or if it was just because I was PMSing, lol, but I did let it take away from my experience at CBI.  My mom paid a lot of money for this nice weekend and I just felt bad that there were so many indiscrepancies!  I also think that with there being back-to-back weddings all weekend the staff was just a little all over the place.  There was definitely a lot going on! With that being said, the front desk, valet staff, bartenders at the outdoor bar and housekeepers were all very pleasant.  We had a blast and I was certainly sad when it was over.  Bring me back to that cabana life!!

cape cod

Even with the cabana “mishap” I would 100% recommend reserving one for the day! It just takes your beach day to the next level 🙂

P.S., we had Chloe’s dogs with us and they were so adorable throughout the whole trip!  Dogs are treated like royalty here, so definitely bring them along! Haha.

Hope you enjoyed! Have you guys ever stayed at Chatham Bars Inn?




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