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August 17, 2016

Striped Bodysuit

Hiya! Holy heat wave.  I love Summer as much as the next person, but being in NYC during a heat wave is pretty much the most torturous experience.  The heat of going down into the subway slaps you across the face and takes your breath away..by the time you’re back above ground you’re soaked in sweat, irritable and ready to get to the nearest air-conditioned spot! For weeks like these, I retreat to the beach whenever I can.  Actually, I pretty much spend all Summer (and every Summer) figuring out ways to leave the city every weekend, heat wave or not.  Therefore, I’m lucky that my mom has a little getaway home for me to retreat to when things get a bit unbearable here in the Big Apple.


I know that bodysuits are having a moment right now (which I love!) and can easily be dressed up for nighttime attire, but when I saw this striped bodysuit I immediately pictured wearing it in a laid-back environment, with distressed denim and bare feet.  So, what a surprise, that’s exactly what I did.

necessary clothing

This one is blue and white striped, making it perfect for a hangout by the ocean.


I picked this one up in Soho, and of course I can’t find the actually suit! I linked a few below that will help replicate the look, though.


HA.  This is the picture you get when you’re in the midst of saying “MOM, SLOW DOWN.” She was rattling off pictures at warp speed haha.  “Jeeeez, give a girl time to pose, will ya?!”  Thanks for taking these pics for me though, momma!

woodmont milford distressed jeans bodysuit9

And check out this stud that wanted to get in on the action <3 Rosco is such a sweetheart!



Do you guys own any bodysuits? What are your feelings on them?

Have a great day!




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