July 1, 2016

Motorino Pizzeria

Motorino Pizzeria. Ohhhh, Motorino.  Let me tell you something – when I like a place, I really like a place.  In fact,  Tommy and I went here twice in one week.  Yeah.  About that.


This East Village eatery is a tiny little slice of heaven (get it? ha, ha) that offers minimal seating, which usually equates to a wait for a table.  On this particular day, we went nice and early around 6pm and got a table in no time.  While the place is small, the decor is cute.  Something about pizza on a marbled table just feels so right.


One of my favorite things about Motorino is their “perfect pizza wine”, which is a delicious chilled semi-sparkling red wine that is indeed, the perfect pizza wine.  I’m so into chilled red wine lately, by the way..it makes me pumped that I can still have red wine in the summer, haha.  These are things only a wino can get excited about.

We always opt for some appetizers before the main event, and we always opt for the steamed clams with oregano garlic bread.  Perfectly steamed and light.


We’ve also gotten the meatball appetizer, which was decent but nothing to write home about.


Now, for the pizza. Every pizza combination on the menu is to die for, but you can also create your own, which is always a nice option to have.  I have always been a simple pizza kind of girl.  I love a classic margherita any day of the week.  Tommy usually likes some meat on his (typical dude), so we’ve had the prosciutto di parma and soppressata pies, but this classic margherita with meatballs was a happy medium and my favorite to date.

motorino6 motorino pizza

Next time, I’m trying their white brussels sprouts pizza! Sounds too interesting to not give a whirl.

 Also, this spot has a lunch special that includes a salad and any pizza for $14! That is a deal I have got to get my hands on soon.

 Enjoy, and have an AMAZING 4th of July weekend! Pools and beach are in my verrrry near future.




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