fall party snacks
September 30, 2016

Fall Rooftop Hangout

As we approach a weekend sure to be full of nasty rain and chilly air, I’m reminiscing back to last week’s perfectly sunny Fall weekend, when I had some Pure Barre work friends over for a Fall rooftop hangout, aka a day of tasty snacks and festive drinks.  I had such a busy week and even taught the morning of at Pure Barre, so I needed some snacks that were quick, easy, festive and delicious! I took a visit to Fairway and improvised my way through their dispensary section, figuring I would toss some stuff together when I got home.  I tried to grab things that were Autumn hued (peanut butter m&m’s, cranberries, choc chips etc), and ended up just making three different plates.  One was a sort of DIY trail mix with the cranberries, shredded coconut, chocolate chips and an assortment of nuts.  Another was just sea salt popcorn mixed in with all of the m&m’s.  The last one I cannot take credit for! When I found myself with too many apples, I turned to Pinterest to see what I could do with them, and ended up making APPLE NACHOS.  Too good.  All it takes is slicing some apples, drizzling some caramel and melted white chocolate, topping with some chocolate covered pretzels and calling it a day.  The perfect picking food, just as regular nachos would be! They were so, so good.  Thanks Pinterest!  To drink I brewed up some spiked cider, which I made basically the easiest way possible and mixed with Vanilla flavored vodka, cinnamon, lemon juice, sliced apples and pomegranates.  For a non-alcoholic option, I served the all natural Red Jacket juices which were sent to me by the company and accompanied my snacks so well.  Some of my favorite flavors: Clean Half & Half, Black Currant and Apple Cider.

Fall Rooftop Party

fall rooftop hangout
Red Jacket Juice


Apple Nachos

fall party snacks

It was a small group of us, and it was just the perfect day (70 and sunny!) to sit around, chat, laugh and listen to music.  So glad we finally took advantage of our rooftop!

Do you guys have any fun Fall gatherings planned?

P.S., NYC locals – go check out the Red Jacket tent in Union Square Greenmarket and try these juices for yourself!

Hope you guys have a great weekend, despite the rain.







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