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June 29, 2016

Barre Clothes = Best Clothes

OK, I know that for some of you this will not be the first time you hear me say this.  However, I’m going to say it again.  One of the reasons I love barre classes so much is because of the BARRE CLOTHES.  Does this sound obnoxious? Maybe.  However, I don’t just mean because of “looking cute while working out”.  I mean that while working at Pure Barre I’ve been exposed to brands that offer the most comfortable, light-weight clothing around that yes, happen to offer a ton of functionality as well as style.  I always say that I “go to Pure Barre and then carry on with my day”, as in; do not need to shower, do not need to change clothes.  Nope, I worked my butt off for an hour and definitely developed a healthy “sheen” of sweat, but after a quick refresher I am out the door for lunch, errands, WHATEVER.  This is huge for me because while I have certainly had my stint with hot yoga or spinning, your girl just ain’t got time for the sweaty mess that ensues after those workouts.  Go, go, go.

Soho Fitness

An outfit like this is perfect for days like today, where I’m running errands and then teaching a Pure Barre class (1pm, Union Square!).  I can even sneak in a workout of my own if I’d like! Versatility is key for fitness outfits.

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I threw on a Rose gold watch to make the outfit seem less casual if needed.


These Beyond Yoga pants are so perfect for Summer – they feel like a second skin (in the best way!)

Forever 21 Active Top

Do you guys take barre classes? Own any barre clothes? What are your favorite brands to wear?

NYC Blogger

Happy Wednesday! I’m treating myself after teaching today with a little trip to Home Goods!

Silver Nike Sneakers

Beyond Yoga Pants


(Photos Raven Adams)



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