diy marble contact paper
September 15, 2016

DIY Marble End Table

Alright, we all know that faux marble is having a moment.  A long moment.  I’ve always loved the look of marble, but obviously anything with real marble is not friendly to those that are on a budget.  Womp, womp.  When I started seeing faux marble pop around the web, I knew that I had to try it out.  In particular, I was dying to try out marble contact paper.  I would see pictures and just be like “wait, can it really look that good though?” I had to test it out, and I am happy to report that yes, it does look that good.  This is cheap to do and can easily trick the eye into thinking this is a more expensive piece.  Not only that, it’s a conversation starter! Almost everyone that walks into our apartment notices and asks me about it.  I move it around the apartment, depending on whether I use it as a lap top stand, console table, or end table by the couch.  This is an IKEA hack for under $40 comin’ at ya!

DIY Marble End Table

diy marble contact paper

Guys, this is seriously so simple to do.  All that you need is a flat, removable surface you wish to marbelize.  Glass tops are easiest and look the cleanest because you can just hide the seams underneath the glass and the piece will fit perfectly into the frame.  I used this $30 table from IKEA, but really any table will do.  I wanted to start with something small in case I hated the way it looked!

I ordered some marble contact paper on Amazon, and instead of using your typical gray and white pattern, I went for a gold, brown and white marble because I thought it was really unique and beautiful.  It honestly looks even more gorgeous in person.  I also ordered a smoothing tool to make sure I didn’t get any bubbles while adhering the paper to the glass.  If I’m being real with you I had Tommy help me because I was so nervous about messing it up, haha.  You are totally capable of doing this by yourself, though!

Simply lay out the paper over the table and measure out how much you will need.  This doesn’t need to be exact – it’s like wrapping a present! All of the “ugly” parts are hidden.  My one big tip is to make little box cutouts in the corners, again, like you would do with a present.  This makes the corners fold over nicely.  It really is the simplest process!

diy marble table

$40, five minutes of my time, and VOILA – I have an IKEA hack to go with my beautiful custom-made coffee table 😉 All about mixing those highs and lows!

diy marble end table

Most of the time I just have this table as a console for right when we walk into the apt.  This is where I throw my keys, sunglasses, etc.  How cute are these copper accents I picked up at Home Goods, by the way?! Picture frame and mail organizer were under $10!

ikea vittsjo laptop stand

Most of our apartment is furnished by now, but I am still trying to figure out what the heck I can marbelize next.  This DIY marble end table was so easy and fun to do, please let me know if you try it!




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